False Heads

Without A Doubt had me bopping my head to it in the initial stages. The record does not sound like it has been mastered but this does not compromise the listeners enjoyment as it simply comes across like a live recording instead. The electric guitar is repetitive and the notes employed  gives the song a childlike playground feel with a hypnotic quality.

The only obvious flaw in Where Is Your Man lies in the weak vocals. Gosh guys! You’ve got “It” just do away with the vocalist already!!! Other than this the track is a fantastic upbeat homage to rock. These lads are talented. Their songs are short and sweet (just how a music blogger likes it) and available for FREE downloads on their facebook fanpage which of course scores them top brownie points in any music lovers books. Out of the 5 tracks which they have made available for the public to listen to Where Is Your Man is a clear winner for me.

Guards Of The Stairs only adds to their repertoire of well performed tracks. This is a track whereby the listener closes their eyes and forgets where they are for 3:43 seconds (?).

All in all this London based rock band is a diamond in the rough. The only thing which lets this band down time and again is a weak vocalist but other than that four thumbs up lads.


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