Leechmaster – Trascender / Alienación (EP) (2011)

Transcender. Just when you thought that you had this blog all figured out enter… the Leechmaster. A spanish singing, flamenco clapping,  heavy metal playing band from Argentina… founded by musician and composer Leandro Achinelli the Leechmaster project makes mincemeat of stereotypes.  The unique selling point being the obvious. We’re thinking how unusual? And the track is GREAT. Being not only equal to but greater than many of the heavy metal bands that i’ve heard in my short years, this song is fully prepped for an ever-evolving music market.

Alienaciaon. The production is PHAT! Allow me to elaborate… The sound comes to you from many different angles. The acoustics are fresh. The sound is clean. This track breathes and has given listeners a chance to appreciate, nibble on, chew and digest the various percussions in this track. The vocalist is not exactly a  Bob Dylan but man… THIS GUY GOT SOUL.

I was pleasantly surprised by the professional finish this one man band  put forth   WHAAAT??? Yes you heard right! In the music biz since 2005 these songs are written, produced, played and mastered by the Leechmaster himself.

Ok, now we really are impressed!

Follow this link to listen to his music

For more info on this musical maverick visit his website by clicking this link


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