Dabz The Motiv featuring Poppek

video Info
  • This video carries a warning tag. It is not for the stiff or faint hearted, if you are easily offended, then please look away, this is not the post for you.

    If you have continued to read on then we’ll assume that you’re openminded and a fan of hardcore rap as this new single “You Already Know” is a dramatic, messy, powerful, symphony of seductive chaos. It has a melody so evocative that it could be described as a Hip Hop rendition of Phantom of The Opera. It is the brainchild of rapper, songwriter and producer Dabz The Motiv and features Polish rapper and lets just say, sadist, Poppek. Recently dubbed the “pain-man”.

    The video’s seductive imagery dances on the side of danger with YouTube demanding viewers age before watching. ‘You Already Know’, challenges the Status Quo. It has a strong sexual presence throughout and is peppered heavily with half dressed appearances from a few… cheeky ladies!

    A hardcore rap lovers “Go To”, Dabz The Motiv establishes himself as a mans-man. The track expresses the perks of a ghetto fabulous lifestyle that most men only dream about. The video has received a staggering 35,000 hits in just four weeks

    Dabz The Motive ft Popek

    ‘cheeky’ sneak peek of Dabz The Motive in his music video

    Poppek, by rapping in Polish takes control of bringing a whole new dimension to the track commanding the attention of a brand new, and yet, often overlooked market.

    Dabz The Motiv grew up in Miami during a time when artists such as Tupac reigned and the Hip Hop music scene was rife. Tupac’s bouncy Californian style of rapping, coupled with his geographical advantage, inspired Dabz The Motive’s rap style as he describes Tupac as “The rawest mc”.

    “Its been a long journey with my music, but it gave me time to grow and not get lost in the mix.
    I continuously try to break the mould and renovate my originality.”

    Formerly known as “Dabz” his new name reflects his experience, attitude and drive pertaining to his music. Dabz The Motiv lives, breathes and sleeps music.

    He has opened up shows for Missy elliot, the Fugees, Onyx and Busta rhymes to name just a few.
    Dabz The Motiv is currently in process of making his first debut release.

    “My aim is to capture an audience that wants to hear what i want to hear, and relate to things I feel day to day – everywhere, everyday kind of people.”

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