Super Sega Brothers – Has anybody seen Molly? Premiere One Music Has…

video Info
  • Has anybody seen Molly is the new and controversial video from Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Records rapper Tyga. The Super Sega Brothers are a couple of individuals who have more than seen Molly, they have featured in the official ‘Molly’ video.

    The Super Sega Brothers are from Miami, USA and their impeccable dance moves first caught the attention of Premiere One in a video which they hosted on their YouTube channel which inevitably led to the entertainment company’s invitation to participate in the exciting video dance competition.

    They are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international dance scene and recently uploaded an exclusive video of the dance moves that are taking the world by storm on the Premiere One YouTube channel (

    The Super Sega Brothers endearingly document the journey to the location where they shoot their ‘Get Ya Swagga On’ dance routine on their Facebook page which you can view by following this link:

    These guys are extremely talented and have put our previous entrees under intense pressure by raising the benchmark.

    The ‘Get Ya Swagga On’ video dance competition has been extended to the 30th of May to give late comers the opportunity to submit and promote their video.

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