The Beyonce Brand


Beyonce, Bow Down.

I am not going to lie, when I first heard Beyonce’s Bow Down, I almost choked on the drink I sat sipping. Had my ears deceived me? Had I choked, died and gone to Bad Girl Bey Bey heaven? Had an old affection returned? The wide eyed lunatic in me laughed an uncontrollable laugh, drunk on melodrama.

This is exactly what she would have wanted, just walk away, came the sober voice from within, but the animated prima donna was already busy choosing the course by which my excitement would take me, my analysis of the Beyonce brand would begin

I am unapologetically, (pun intended) fascinated, and perhaps even a tad bit obsessed with the Beyonce brand.

Why though, am I a fan? No. Do I respect her achievements? I most certainly do! But as I grew, well so did my musical tastes and so did my intolerance for the ever present Beyonce.

There wasn’t a place you could go without being bombarded with images and music from the power hungry Queen Bey. I was, as a PR Officer would put it, overstimulated!


Beyonce has amassed vast amounts of awards, accolades money and fame from her multitalented melting pot of achievements. Her talents ranged from singing, to all out dancing, modelling and acting, all the while maintaining a fierce reputation for privacy and a squeeky clean image.

One thing that can’t be denied is Beyonce is a beast. In the dictionary beside the word go-getter will be a picture of Beyonce’s face. She courageously and successfully strode in the  direction of her dreams. She has balanced her achievements and personal life exceptionally even hitting a homerun adding new daughter Blue Ivy to her never ending string of achievements. Beyonce has mastered her brand so well that the Whitehouse is a new addition to her phonebook with the Obama’s asking her to sing at the presidents inauguration, this wouldn’t be the first time that political leaders would wine and dine with superstars. JFK often would often hang out with Hollywood movie star Marilyn Monroe.

Talk about friends in high places!

However the clean routine grew tiresome, the inaccessible hair blowing diva felt entirely too far fetched leaving an easy opening for a more rugged, accessible brand. One that seemed to appeal to everyday people more. Rihanna’s Bad Girl image was tacky at the best of times, Yes! But somehow in some weird way, this made us want her more… her brand seemed more organic.

Beyonce came under ferocious attack from angry critics labelling the diva as a phoney. She was even accused of staging the pregnancy of daughter Blue Ivy. Then came her association with rapper, business mogul and husband, Jay Z (Sean Carter) which has led to accusations that she is affiliated with secret societies such as the Illuminati.

The market which for years Queen Bey once reigned, was now being filled with edgier, younger, newer prototypes.

How could this Bey!

Beyonce’s reply shocked most. The diva was clad in opulence. The video oozed power, wealth and beauty. Even her nose looked a little straighter. She was making a statement, and oh what a statement she made. Despite this, there was something exceedlingly dark about it.

Beyonce is growing and her brand is changing but is it for the best?


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