Hit Em Up

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  • Hit Em Up

    Hit Em Up is the hot new summer track from British rapper Afrikan Boy which pays homage to the late great forefather of Afrobeats, Fela Kuti. The track is a sampler from Wadele Wa Royin.

    Hit Em Up exudes the energy of the Rocky Soundtrack, Eye of The Tiger with an old school drum pattern making the most of the track’s heroic sound. The single marks the young artist’s musical maturity since his earlier work in songs like Lidl, which was a Youtube sensation.

    Music Video
    His high definition video illustrates a reminiscent glance of Fela Kuti at the prime of his career. Hit Em Up promises originality and fulfills. He merges his Nigerian cultural roots with influence from his British upbringing, all the while embodying the spirit of a young ambitious and motivated star on the rise.

    The video illustrates the marrying together of his own cultural perspective and the current mood in Britain. The backdrops include clips from the city’s most destitute regions, to some of the some of the most reconisable locations such as London’s underground, Woolwich DLR and the the city skyline embracing the diversity of his upbringing and the influence it had on his music. The cultural references makes theses visuals relatable and very entertaining all the while enhancing an interesting insight into the most cosmopolitan city in the world, London.
    The artwork in the video makes use of a comic book theme with abstract cuts maintaining the energy throughout. Hit Em Up is for everyday people and will be loved by many.


    Afrikan Boy shall perform the track in London, Paris (May 16th and 17th) and Amsterdam (July 6th tbc) for Salute To The Black President festival where he shall be sharing the stage with the Shingai Shoniwa (Noisettes), Keziah Jones, Dele Sofimi, Tony Allan ,Ty and many other notable artists.

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