The Feevah – Get Ya Swagga On

Get Ya Swagga On

Get Ya Swagga On

I am PR to breakthrough Pop artiste, The Feevah and I just wondered if you knew that summer was coming?…Well it is! And the dawn of having to look good in the brilliant sunshine is finally upon us.
We had to have a long hard think about this and we came up with an ingenious plan to which lies the key to your salvation…

Are you ready?

Get Ya Swagga On‘ —-THE—– liveliest track, this side of the century, (no exaggeration) and I can bet my bottom dollar that it will be on the playlist of your fitness routine faster than Beyonce can crank up her come-back campaign, and all because ‘Get Ya Swagga On‘ had a dream:
That one day the world will be a better place because Getting Fit Was FUN.
I welcome you to raise awareness of his new single ‘Get Ya Swagga On‘. This track is frustratingly catchy, full of vibrance and I am confident that you will love it as we do.

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