Beyonce – Grown Woman LISTEN TO THE FULL TRACK

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  • Beyonce - Grown Woman FULL

    Here is the sum of Beyonce’s long break in the music industry which has seen the birth of daughter Blue Ivy and given her some well deserved rest from 15 years of extreme go getting.

    During this quiet period Bad Gal RiRi has claimed the international stage making haters into believers as she goes… and so we sat and waited for Beyonce to respond to being slightly upstaged by Ri Ri as Rihanna gloated about her influence in Britain.


    The single begins real funky even inviting you to “wine ya waist” to the hypnotic beat because of its Soca/Funky House  bounce. I’ve got to admit I love Beyonce’s energy in Grown Woman, her lyrics say’s that she’s a confident: WOMAN ON TOP. Having said that its as though she’s gone into a cocoon and reemerged a beautiful arrogant butterfly.

    The more you listen to it, it does sort of grow on you and if you listen carefully you can even detect a Fela Kuti inspired African melody. What’s your thoughts on the big comeback? Is Queen Bey “beying” (cheesy grin) arrogant or confident?

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