Singer Ciara “gets served” in the middle of a concert

video Info
  • In the middle of Singer Ciara’s live performance at the Los Angeles Gay Pride event, whilst the singer performs her track ‘Body Parts’ an unsuspecting fan hands Ciara some papers. It turns out the fan is actually acting on behalf of embittered night club, The Factory, where the singer was rumored to be performing on the weekend. She allegedly cancelled the show without informing The Factory and shows up to work at the Gay Pride event where she headlines.

    Ciara’s team defends that she made it very clear on more than one occasion that she wasn’t going to be performing anywhere other than at the L.A. Gay Pride concert that weekend:

    The singer takes the papers and graciously carried on her performance and upon seeing the details throws the papers into the audience where a nearby fan picked it up and informed entertainment channel TMZ. Remaining cool as ice, Ciara seemed unphased by all of the legal conundrum as she tweets what a great time she had the next day:

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