Did Jay-Z just put Beyonce on blast in Holy Grail ft Justin Timberlake?

Jay Z Holy GrailShortly after the announcement of Kanye West’s Yeezus comes Jay-Z’s (can I say highly anticipated?) Holy Grail from the Magna Carta album.

Established rapper, accomplished businessman, high profile husband and now new father of RnB Super Star Beyonce’s first child, Hova is no stranger to success.

The media respects Jay Z and his awe inspiring life for despite his very public lifestyle, The Z remains shroud in an air of mystery

In an interview he once stated: “My brands are an extension of me. They’re close to me, there’s an emotional attachment.”. Jay Z has mastered the art of speaking without words. His infamous private life has  left us wondering who is the man behind the brand? He lets his work do all the talking, he lets his platinum selling recording artists,  successful basketball team, beautiful famous wife, record labels, suggestive apparel (“Do What Thou Wilt”)  business associations (Warren Buffet, Obama), pyramid hand gestures, million dollar lifestyle,  estimated net-worth ($500 million) and albums do all the talking.

Which brings me to my next point nicely because whether we like to admit it or not, we are all a tad obsessed with the delicious details of high profile celebrities lives, so other than Jay’s media trained interviews, his music remains the only lucid insight we have into  his private life.

Enter: The Holy Grail

The single begins with Justin Timberlake’s soulful intro which pulls us into the ‘story’. Which begs the question, is Jay Z making music from the soul? Is this his way of expressing his truth? The soulfully themed production would suggest the latter so why then would he make this whopping big confession of being cheated on?

The devils advocate understands the public’s thirst for scandal and raised a few eyebrows leaving questions like did it really happen? Is this fictitious? These tactics are of utmost importance to me but somehow I remain underwhelmed, why? Because as a Publicist I “get” the game. Lets look at the facts here a fiercely private man, eager for his rap career to stay on top, hints at scandal… this was  just a little too predictable for me. Jay Z is a strategist and a business man but I think that these artist maybe focusing so much on staying relevant that they are missing the most important thing of all… good music! What do you think, should Jay Z  get his head out of the secret societies and back into the music? Do you think that he runs the risk of hurting Beyonce’s image? Do you believe that Beyonce has a predisposition to cheating?

Well even if it were just to sell records Jay Z’s album Magna Carta is on the way to becoming his first ever to hit a number one in the UK.

Listen to his new track below…


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