Robin Thicke’s critics say that Blurred Lines lyrics are too “Rapey”

robin-thicke-2011-pr-pThe funky pop single featuring Pharrel Williams and T.I. which has recently reached No 1 in the iTunes UK Charts and has enjoyed 4 weeks on the American Billboards Hot 100 has been accused by crictics of being to “rapey”.

Well, first let me begin by keeling over with laughter, I mean really, “Rapey”! That just sounds disturbingly sweet!

When asked in a Radio 1 interview whether his single advocates sexual violence? Robin Thicke replied: “Yeah, I think they should all … I can’t even dignify that with a response; that’s ridiculous..” and insisted to focus on the lyrics which he said is about men and women and blurring the lines about how much we are the same. He said the lyrics were also about good girls and bad girls, “Even very good girls have a little bad side. You just have to know how to pull it out of them,” he added

And what of the naked girls dancing round you in the music video? “Naked girls dancing around in the video should only be controversial to uber religious people” says Robin.

“I don’t want it to be sleazy. I’ve always been a gentleman. I’ve been with the same woman since I was a teenager. So I don’t want to do anything that’s inappropriate.”

Robin Thicke’s new album Blurred Lines is available to pre order on iTunes


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