Rock group The Q and their new track Diamond July

I’m not normally a big a fan of rock and my only claim to taking up this genre is in the “diluted” versions melted into Hip Hop. My comfort zone permits that only the most digestible boundary spanning rock best illustrated in Lil Wayne‘s ‘Pick The World Up’ or Rihanna‘s  ‘Cheers’ can make it into my circle. Amongst many other things such as Old School Jungle, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Chill Wave, Dance, more recently Indie, even Jazz, I really enjoy pop. I don’t know.. I just like what I like, and venturing into new genres could damage my health or something I dunno. Having said all of this, I know good music when I hear it and make no mistake about it, if a savvy A&R claps their ears on this, The Q could well be dancing all the way to a record deal.

Diamond July is a track that exhibits cross over appeal and I know this because as a music PR, and blogger, music is very much a part of my life. I hear music day in and day out and its my job to listen. I’ve worked out that sometimes we have ourselves a “grower” and others times, the song just sort of jumps off the screen and attaches itself to your face and you instantly love it. Diamond July is the latter.The visuals that accompany this video are quite basic and doesn’t really conjure the images that you’d expect from a track such as this, but i’ve gotta admit the lead singer has a great presence and gives an otherwise weak video more conviction. 20130621-154336


4 thoughts on “Rock group The Q and their new track Diamond July

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