Rihanna, Pour It Up and Why Miley Needs Slapping

I have a love-hate relationship with this woman. Undecided about how I feel about Rihanna’s new raunchy Pour It Up video I scroll through pages and pages of sites checking for feedback that will help me make sense of this muddle of emotions it left me in. My opinion changes daily.


There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Rihanna is one strong, stubborn, beeeaytch! She wears her sexuality on her sleeve and she delights in the strong reaction she causes, the ripple of disapproval only makes her feel like she’s doing something “right” and any of you who live outside the “navy” circle of trust are straight up haters! She is ignorant to her perceived shortcomings and the sheer arrogance that she demonstrates makes me want to clap hysterically screaming “Sherman, Sherman, Sherman”. If there is one credit that we can afford Rihanna is an ever present sense of self belief.

I absolutely adore the fact that this diva has not taken a played out “feminine” approach to sexuality. She oozes masculinity. She is anything but ladylike.  She is  a raw, aggressive, don’t call me – I’ll call you – kinda girl. But we still, as a society, can’t put our finger on what we hate most about a woman that seems comfortable with all of this… What do we detest about strong women who flaunt their sexuality?

Rihanna and the death of Hannah Montana

Rihanna is so damn believable. Miley on the other hand comes across like a hormonal, rebelling, tongue wagging, adolescent. There’s something about the way that Miley Cyrus is trying to establish her independence that makes her come off like a younger sister that you just want to smack upside the head and tell her to “stop acting up”. Some of Miley’s latest photos caused me to feel like an unattractive, bearded, pedophile, ogling his next victim.miley-4 Her under-developed body screaming someone throw me a blanket.  There’s a vulnerability that I feel when I look at Miley, like when you just get a feeling like something bad is going to happen. With Rihanna, you just get a sense that this woman is in control.

Attention whore?

From the moment I heard the Rihanna, Chris and Karreuche… thing – had reached it’s climax, (excuse the pun!) I knew the world was staring a serious  Rihanna backlash, dead in the eye. This woman… this cocky woman… this cocky woman of mens dreams…. This cocky woman of mens dreams – had been dumped? Publicly dumped….? Publicly dumped by an abusive ex boyfriend…? Who she stood by…. ? That the world and his dog warned her about…? For another woman?

I just knew that hell would have no fury like Rihanna’s pride scorned!

The songs that came out of  Rihanna’s camp, always seemed more tame when she was with Chris Brown, she was considerate, she was sensitive, and she was vulnerable. However the split from Chris Brown meant that Rihanna’s sexual promiscuity was about to be tuned in, turned on and the knob was about to be ripped off.

The Video

Was exactly what I expected, maybe better. I feared I would be subjected to a seedy, smokey, male infused, boring scripted, strip joint where Rihanna would be head punter at a flesh fest which objectified woman. Instead viewers were fed a female friendly stable diet of dancing… which objectified women but showed us female prowess at its best.

Inspired by trap, a southern American sub genre of Hip Hop,  I knew it would be a risky song for Rihanna to pull off as it was unlike any of her more poppy-er releases. I loved the dark melodies, moody baseline and theatric pauses.

I’ve got to admit, the time between the song being released and the official video was a bit of a buzz kill for me but when we got it – boy did we get it. rihanna-twerking-hard.gif.pagespeed.ce.d2vqWC45A0I envisaged a moreishly cheesy shot of Rihanna’s arse clapping to the hypnotic simplicity of the beat. I saw it, and she delivered.  Some of her less flattering scenes involve her molesting Casper spead-legged on a throne.

I don’t know what it is about Rihanna, but like a guilty pleasure – I know or at least believe – that I am not supposed to enjoy,  I can’t help but stay fascinated at this arrogant little woman.

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