Has She Finally Lost The Plot? Lady Gaga is Back and Stranger Than Ever


Lady Gaga – Life imitating Art

Lady Gaga was interviewed by Miranda Sawyer on the culture show on BBC 2 earlier last week following a two year gap in her music career.

The televised interview begins with a theatrical pop star arriving at the Langham Hotel stepping out of a people carrier walking towards the lobby of the hotel wearing a ghostly white number and bare feet. She doesn’t say much and lifts her arms in the air and remains in this odd pose mumbling something random about a trip to venus whilst a mob of paparazzi and fans trip over themselves trying to get a photo.

In previous years, I must confess, this would have irritated me. Her peculiar antics was something I never quite understood and her deep connection with art came across gimmicky. However this has certainly become her unique selling point, the thing thats makes her so fascinating to watch as every one of her public appearances are rich, and full of theatre, making her seem larger than life.

Despite the fact that Lady Gaga is here to promote her new album ArtPop, the enigmatic artist leaves me (and possibly the rest of the planet) reflecting on every other thing but her music. For instance, everything in the room except Miranda Saywer (the interviewer) and Lady Gaga are clothed in a warm beige material, including  the mysterious statue silhouettes dotted throughout the room.

When answering questions Lady Gaga sometimes pauses for lengthy periods of time and then continues to answer as if her behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary. She wears pale makeup and has deliberately rubbed chalk all over her skin. Her bleached eyebrows blend straight  into her face and she wore a long, silk, off-white gown. She is void of ego, etheral, vulnerable, tiny and natural.

Eccentric or Insane?

I notice that when Miranda asks her a straight forward question, Lady Gaga struggles to remain coherent and most of her answers are punctuated with a random reference to artists Robert Wilson, Marina Abramovic and Jeff Koons.

I watched Miranda Sawyer fascinated that she never lets off how allusive Lady Gaga’s answers are. Later Miranda describes the interview as less of an interview but an “encounter”.

In her interview Gaga mentions that she heard voices in her head as a child and still does till this day. It is any wonder why media outlets did not pick up on this because to me this was a red flag of a very insightful glimpse into her mental condition.

She goes on to say: “Just things… I would accuse things of happening that people around me didn’t notice were happening. And as I got older it started to make me feel sick, and it still makes me feel sick sometimes. I’ve gone through stages of being centred and then being addicted to drugs and alcohol, having difficulty handling the chaos in my mind. Then returning back to the centre.”

Miranda Sawyer even wrote in her daily mail transcription of events that after the interview she moved slowly, like her limbs were heavy, a very common trait in medicated mental patients.

Love her or hate her, one thing that be said of Lady Gaga is that she is more than just another generic Pop Star. Oozing mystery, it is very difficult to keep up with this multi-faceted Artist. The single is what you would expect of Lady Gaga with a very catchy hook and an equally fascinating video. Watch her latest video “Applause” below.

You can watch the full documentary here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b03j0byj/?t=21m12s


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