Hello world,

Yes, it is quite true, I went quiet for a while, I have been busy working on my site and so it is with nervous quivering excitement that I deliver my first post for the year. I am excited because I have finally figured out how to edit this forsaken blog, expanding it into a glorious melting pot of creative conversation. Too often extremely talented musicians, actors, businesses and creatives go overlooked, too many times there is a fantastic idea, person, place or thing that doesn’t muster up enough coverage and consequentially falls along the wayside as a result. Too often there is a fantastic experience or song, that I want to get off my fingertips, but site limitations have rendered me unable to do so. And so it is in the spirit of EXPANSION, that I say I’VE FINALLY FIGURED THIS DARN THING OUT and I wish an unashamedly, unpunctual, Happy New Year to you and yours. If you have any interesting ideas, music, writers, or (lifestyle) businesses, that you would like to put forward please send them to us using our contact form.

All the best,

Claire Daley Won



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