Vanessa Da Mata featuring Ben Harper

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  • The Beautiful Vanessa Da Mata

    I have to confess, I am extremely late in reviewing Vanessa Da Mata’s Boa Sorte, especially considering the award winning sound came out… wait for it… SEVEN YEARS AGO!!! Nevertheless I write on, because if like me you like to travel off the beaten path to discover new audio experiences, you would only have discovered this sound after, a long hard day of work, tuning into french radio and then listening to the latin jazz section, which would mean that you stumble across a star, years after it is born.

    Vanessa Da Mata, is a Brazillian born songstress who sings “Boa Sorte” in her native tongue, Portuguese. It was her collaboration with the talented, understated Ben Harper, who’s soulful silky voice was the winning ingredient in this International hit. Harper translates Vanessa’s lyrics into english, allowing this track to garner the massive success it has enjoyed. This song describes the relief that she feels having let go of a draining relationship. Listen to this in the bath after a long day and let this dynamic duo take you on a relaxing journey. In fact since adding ‘Boa Sorte’ to my playlist late last year, I have played this song a total of 288 times!

    Ben Harper

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