Head Hunterz ft Krewella – United Kids Of The World

headhunterz-krewella-flosstradamusEver since the video Headhunterz’s “United Kids of the World” featuring Krewella came out late last year, the song has served as a sort of rallying cry for anyone who’s ever felt bullied online. In fact, Krewella’s Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf open the Robby Starbuck-directed clip by bringing to light the kind of abuse that they, and women like them, receive from online trolls.

But, at least knowing that this is something we all go through (to some degree or another) is something to take heart in. Besides, do the haters really matter when we’re all dancing together (and when those soulless sorts inevitably end up friendless and unloved and your life eventually rules, it’s like HA HA!)

Speaking of dancing, here’s a new remix of the Dutch DJ and Chicago EDM trio’s collaboration by Flosstradamus that will help us do just that. It takes the bright synth lines and high-energy trance of the original and re-imagines the track as a darker, more aggressive trap-step production.

The main synth riff is chopped up and dirtied with percussive vocal samples, but the idea remains the same: “We are the united kids of the world.” Now, get out there and dance like it’s your first time at a Bar Mitzvah reception — i.e., super-unselfconsciously and buzzed off that Manischewitz purp.




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