Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan

Who is Michelle Ryan?
I’m a dreamer and a reader, will always have my head either in a book or in the clouds. Music is my narrator as I have a song for every day, every situation and every memory. I am in love with spending time with my friends and family. Tend to take too many pictures of my cat but he loves it.
Writing is my passion and I am at my happiest when I come across a great piece of music that I get to write about. Bit of a bass guitarist and a devoted viewer of ‘Friends’. Have two left feet and not a note in my head but it doesn’t stop me from dancing and singing my heart out whenever I get the chance. Favourite place to be is at a concert feeling that buzz from the crowd and a sense that I belong.
Rudeness is my biggest pet hate. It doesn’t cost anything to say “please” and “thank you.” Also not a fan of the bus home being late, loud people, cold tea, a text message when I’m just about to fall asleep, music snobs, being tired, crowded shops, hanging clothes up in a wardrobe, Pitbull (the supposed rapper not the dogs, they’re cute I like them), being angry and cancelled plans.



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