Tinie Tempah @ The O2, Dublin


Tinie Tempah brought his Demonstration Tour to the O2, Dublin last night to create one of the most memorable concerts that I have ever been to.Kicking things off with ‘Lover Not A Fighter’ Tinie brought all of his energy out from the very beginning as he ran and jumped around the stage in shiny silver pants that no one else could pull off creating as much hype in the audience as he could. Keeping things turned up, we were then treated to hits like ‘Frisky,’ ‘Till I’m Gone’ and ‘Wonderman.’ With the whole audience right where he wanted them Tinie then took the time to talk to us about his latest album ‘Demonstration.’ The 25-year old explained that he wanted to show a more mature side and create music with a bit more depth to it – queue ‘It’s OK.’ The break-up track ensured we all calmed down and listened to the lyrics as Tinie showed a refreshingly vulnerable side to him. At this stage I had fallen deeply in love with the rapper so much so that when he launched into ‘Shape’ I was convinced that he was talking about me as he sang “I knew you were the one before I even saw your face.”

Everything Tinie did created a frenzy from the crowd but nothing compared to what happened when his current number one single ‘Tsunami’ started. TheO2 was turned into a festival as boys took off their shirts, girls were hoisted up on shoulders and everyone completely lost the run of themselves (me included) jumping around like lunatics. The festival vibe continued as ‘Miami To Ibiza’ and ‘Drinking From The Bottle’ kept us all singing and dancing.

Tinie created such a fun atmosphere that the smile never left my face from the beginning of the concert to the very end. Hits from his debut LP ‘Disc-overy’ were mixed in with new tracks from ‘Demonstration’ and his guest verses on Labrinth’s ‘Earthquake’ and Rita Ora’s ‘R.I.P.’ The energy never stopped even when the epic, movie ballad ‘Heroes’ came on. Tinie Tempah knows exactly how to put on a show. Commenting on the fact that the last time he was in Dublin’s O2 was to support Rihanna, you could clearly see that Tinie does not take his position for granted. Judging by his live performances it is no surprise that this man has made it from support act to headline act in such a short space of time.

Tinie Tempah is nothing but humble and genuine with a smile that would melt any heart. He truly is the gentleman of rap.

Michelle Ryan


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