Maryann: Next Up For The Ladies of Urban Music

Maryann - When You Die

Maryann – When You Die

It is such a privilege to be in a position to not only hear some of the latest music to enter the music industry, but also to be able to find new artists that would fit right at home in your own personal playlist.

N-Crowd Entertainment artist, singer/rapper Maryann started her ascent a few years ago when she hit the scene  featured on a track with Talib Kweli. Not long after she released her first album “Timing Is Everything”.  The record garnered her attention not only from her home town, but a dialogue about her begun on a variety of music blogs.   She has released  numerous singles and visuals from her upcoming sophomore album “Futuristic Always”.

Maryann is creating a buzz and was featured in The Source magazine last week. She has coined her music ‘Bedroom Trap’ but  just incase any of you are wondering what in the hell Bedroom Trap is? Allow us to set the record straight, the first song we heard from Maryann, ‘You And Me’ is undisputedly Neo-Soul, now whether you choose to redefine this genre, is totally up to you but mark my words, this track is Neo-Soul.

Like many of the great, new age artists, Maryann is very hands-on and multifaceted with her music. She chooses to be proactive when it boils down to the creative direction of her music and her attitude towards her videography and the graphic art is no exception. She even goes as far as to offer her services to other artists. She is the new school (DIA, DIY) do-it-all, do-it-yourself, type of gal.

Over the past two weeks she has released two new songs; #CookingForBae is the latest single from her upcoming record.  If you don’t know about the popular CookingForBae Instagram, since July the struggle plate parody has grown to over 120k followers.  They picked up her song as the official theme for the page, numerous FM, College and internet radio stations have also picked up the catchy tune in a very short period of time.  Fans have even dubbed her the “BaeGod”, which she is embracing.  This weekend Maryann released a cover/remix of the Goldlink’s song “When I die”. Maryann’s version “When You Die” was not only endorsed by the upcoming rapper, but has reached a few thousand plays in less than two days. Goldlink’s new record releases (4/1/14), and not long after Maryann will release the anticipated “Futuristic Always” album.  It features Devin the Dude, Chuuwee, Guilty Simpson, Takticz and more! (4/28/14).

Make sure you grab her new record and keep an eye out for Maryann, she’s next up for the ladies of Urban music.



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