PoetSamuel ft Marlyce Aubrey – Never Be The Same

Soul The Poet

Soul The Poet

I don’t know whether it was the calming influence of the beat, the refreshing british accent, his effortless delivery, or the low budget video, but something about this summery single from up and coming artist PoetSamuel, gets me smiling and nodding my head in time to the beat.

After a brief interview with PoetSamuel, I discovered that ‘Never Be The Same‘ is the first single from his debut EP; Soul Brother #3 and was inspired by his personal battle with sickle cell.

“I have been hospitalised for a while now, due to a condition that I have (Sickle Cell Anaemia) which has flared up a bit lately due to my shifting into adulthood, the EP focuses a lot on my pain and emotions with it”.

“This song was done when I was laying on a hospital bed one day just thinking about what I could achieve with my life, not just me, but others in my situation and if I would let things going on, defeat me. The outcome was saying no in my mind and going on to write the song. The hook on the song helped to uplift me.”

‘Never Be The Same’ is a laid back poetic vibe which conjures up images of long and dreamy summer afternoons. It must be said that his featured artist, Marlyce Aubrey’s, gentle and velvety vocals do justice to PoetSamuel’s sober delivery.

Originally from West Africa, 19 year old PoetSamuel lived half his life in Nigeria and the other half in the UK.

“My love for music was always there from a young age as I come from a large family with older members that loved music too, only realised rap at an older age, round about 14, I decided that the combination of my love for poetry and music meant I had to give it a go.”

And we certainly are glad that  he did “give it a go”. PoetSamuel is promising and humble and if his talent is anything to go by, you will hearing more from him in the the near future.

Twitter: @SoulThePoet  

Soundcloud: PoetSamuel

Email: soulthepoet1@gmail.com 



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