Vix Sambi – Raw Talent

Vix Sambi; Raw Talent

Vix Sambi’s; Pure Talent

When an email from Singer, Vix Sambi, landed in my inbox, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but BOY, was I pleasantly surprised!

The mark of a true artist lies in the ability to demonstrate talent without the need for much musical distractions. Its clear that Vix Sambi is confident in his talents as he passed this test with flying colours.

Born in 1987 he has been singing and has had a passion for music since childhood as he recalls dancing and singing to Michael Jackson (Billie Jean) from a very young age.

The effortless singer, collaborated with guitarist Simon Payne resulting in a smooth acappela.

Vix Sambi has been hard at work spreading his music as far and as wide as possible and has already had airplay on 11 US radio stations. He continues to work with various artists such as RSK, NVP, Simon Payne, Tariq Khan and has worked alongside well known artists in the asian music industry such as Balwinder Safari and DCS. His music has already gained a top 20 in Reverbnation.

Vix Sambi gives back to other artists by helping them with their musical arrangement, putting together melodies and he is also a vocal coach.

Check out his video acappella and use our share buttons to spread the news about this talented up and comer.


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