Young Money ‘Go Senile’

“Senile” is the name of the latest Young Money release with Tyga and Nicki Minaj joining label boss Lil Wayne. The track itself is actually pretty good – even with that decidedly menacing beat that honestly creeped me out the first time I heard it. Tyga reigns supreme as he takes the lead with the first verse and chorus before Nicki knocks it out of the park and Wayne throws his two cents in.


Lil Wayne and his dysfunctional family ‘Go Senile’

The video itself is a whole other story. With YMCMB you should always expect something out there and wacky which is exactly what we are given with their “Senile” video. Each rapper is put in their own scenario with Tyga and his scary/talented mime-like dancers, moving on to Nicki in dungarees on a merry-go-round and ending with Wayne and his dysfunctional family – the strangest of all. He seems happy though so that’s all that matters right?

It is a strange one but it’s all fun at the end of the day so make sure you check out Young Money’s “Senile” video below.

Michelle Ryan


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