Avril Lavigne’s ‘Hello Kitty’, (this one’s for you, large Japanese fanbase!)

avril-lavigne-29aBack in 2002, I was rocking baggy jeans and a pocket chain all thanks to an artist and an album I just couldn’t stop listening to. ‘Let Go’ was my angst album, the one I ran to my room to listen to when my parents “didn’t understand me!” Saying that, I was only around twelve at the time but that was as stroppy as I got! The only thing that could calm me down was an Avril Lavigne album. It feels strange saying that now, what with her latest single ‘Hello Kitty’ being slammed by almost every critic and music listener around, but it was true for the time.

‘Complicated,’ Lavigne’s debut single was an instant hit and her follow-up ‘Sk8er Boi’ is still a classic to this day. Avril’s teenage persona was relevant then – she was 17 at the time. It all fell into place and ‘Let Go’ went to number one giving Avril three number one hits. As I write this, I’m listening to ‘Let Go’ and belting out ‘With You’ as if I’m twelve again. (Those were the days!)

There was a lot of promise in Lavigne but then came her twenties and the “teenybopper” image just didn’t fit anymore. Avril released her third studio album ‘The Best Damn Thing’ in 2007. That heard a 23-year old Lavigne shouting “Hey, hey, you, you I could be your girlfriend!” down the stereo with pink streaks in her hair and too much black eyeliner. Unfortunately, the image and the music just stopped working then. Instead of realising this, and changing and growing as most artists do, Lavigne just stuck with it.


Today, a near 30 years old, Avril Lavigne has released the video for her latest track ‘Hello Kitty,’ a song that was co-written with her husband Chad Krueger – yes, it took more than one person to write that so-called song.
Gone are the days of Sk8er Boi’s and pocket chains. Maybe ‘Let Go’ is one of those one hit wonder albums like Alanis Morisette’s ‘Jagged Little Pill’ or Craig David’s ‘Born To Do It’. It can never be re-created and should be brought out every now and then to remind you of what good music used to sound like – or so you can relive your teenage years and marvel at how you still remember every single word!


“Let me explain why she is getting heat for this: SHE DID SOMETHING DIFFERENT!” one of Lavigne’s fans wrote on her site. 

If you’re brave enough you can watch Avril Lavigne’s new video for ‘Hello Kitty’ below and tell us what you think – good luck!


Michelle Ryan



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