RsK ‘Mr. Williams.’

Razak Pic 2RsK is an up and coming UK/Los Angeles hip-hop artist with a lot to say. ‘Mr.Williams’ is the name of his latest release and it’s personal. Over a mellow beat and chilled out vibe RsK does his thing rapping about his work and his life as he says “You can say I’ve had the best of both sides/ Hard work, determination forget grind.” There is something undeniably intriguing about this young man.

While ‘Mr. Williams’ is well worth the listen I will admit that it took me a couple of listens to get it. This isn’t typical rap music or ‘radio-friendly’ hip-hop. It’s real and raw with no flashy beats or catchy choruses. Maybe that’s why I had to listen to it more than once. Being so used to the extravagance of most hip-hop artists out there at the moment, I was stopped in my tracks by this pared back sound.

If you’re a fan of rap and are looking for something hazy and mellow to relax to then you should check out ‘Mr. Williams’ below.



Michelle Ryan


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