Devils Due

On the last day of holiday, happy honeymooners Samantha (Allison Miller) and Zach’s (Zach Gilford) life, takes an unexpected course when a spontaneous decision to experience one last night of Caribbean life, goes wrong.


After their taxi driver vehemently coerces the couple to attend an underground party, they are lead to a mysterious location. They pull up at the venue, where the possibility of a party seems farfetched and even the faintest sound of music is undetectable. When Samantha gets nervous and decides to change her mind we feel a sense of fear and anticipation for what might happen. The storyline alludes to the possibility that the driver has other intentions, however tucked away in the most unlikeliest venue is a live and vibrant rave. The couple relax and party the night away, however, the plot thickens.

When the Samantha and Zach get so drunk that they lose track of their belongings, the camera cuts away to reveal clips of muffled voices, a religious cult and what seems to be Samantha on a sacrificial altar.

The next morning they both wake up in their hotel room, with a hangover which they put down to their wild night out.

images-2They suspect no foul play. Shortly after returning home, despite being on the pill, Samantha announces that she is pregnant. We begin to watch her becoming increasingly hostile and strange things begin to happen.

I watched this movie with no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. Zach Mcall journals their life using a homemade video camera, the majority of the film is shot from the first person. The movie looks low budget, as though executed by amateur producers, which is the point. I discovered that the movie actually had a $7,000,000 budget, and was produced by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The natural, unforced acting, was so realistic and effective that it will make you question every reality television show that you have ever watched.

images-5Devils Due is a peek at what a horror should be. It was atmospheric without the need to jump us. Frightening without cheap scares. Spooky, without the use of excessive sound effects. It was well paced with a flawless storyline. The movie was unhurried and builds a rapport between the viewer and the characters. We get to meet their inner social circle and we learn about the characters background. This window seat glimpse into Samantha and Zach’s life allows us to feel a connection with both characters and we are won over by Zach’s charm and Samantha’s innocence. We are drawn in by the subsequent changes in Samantha’s personality. This is why the film works so well because we witness the nightmarish languish of this sweet and loved up couple.

Many people will argue that the storyline was not original and whilst I agree there were many parallels between The Last Exorcism, The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, by taking what was lacking in similar movies, Devils Due has put its own unique stamp on this reality horror genre.

I was only slightly disappointed by the ending as it was almost identical to The Last Exorcism, there was a lot of build up for a pretty predictable ending, but overall I was still impressed. This film does not feel the need to rely on gore and sound effects to win the audience over, just good old-fashioned creativity. All in all Devils Due was creepy the whole way through and is well worth a watch.



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