Get Set for Just Dizzyiac’s New Mixtape #OnMyMarks

Just Dizzyiac may be new to the rap scene but having already gained a sizeable dedicated following, this edgy, young, duo are urban, fresh, and already on their way to becoming some of the finest rappers the UK has to offer.  Just Dizzyiac’s central aesthetic is rough, dirty, crass, and well, grimy, which we think is pretty shit hot.
With JB hailing from Amsterdam and Aphrodizzyiac from Sweden, the UK-based group are diversifying the rap game just by merit of their native lands and Premiere One are officially crowning them the imperial, european rap, hybrid.
Just Dizzyiac have been busy all spring promoting the release of their new Mixtape ‘On My Marks’. The Mixtape marks the beginning of their budding music careers and shows off their range as a collaborative rap effort. ‘On Your Marks’ has 3 tracks which opens with Aggression, a gritty, raw, buzz piece that makes you want to just break ya neck off whilst nodding in succession to the raw flow, whereas Kid Taps illustrates a more sensitive nature. High School shows the rappers laying down lyrics on an old school track, the verses are a tongue in cheek glimpse into their high school experiences.
Just Dizzyiac’s definitive sound makes for a delicious audible experience. Aggression’s raw verses, catchy beat, and gritty melody is our personal favourite off the Mixtape, but don’t take our word for it, scroll down and listen for yourself!
Scroll down to be the first to listen to their sexy new track ‘red rose’ featuring Amartey from dutch rap label SFMG.
The release date for On My Marks is yet to be confirmed.
Twitter – @Mrjuniorswag & @Aphrodizzyiac
Instagram – @JBxNiggur & @OfficialAphrodizzyiac & @Justdizzyiac
Facebook – Junior D’Banj & Ibrahim Abdi

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