Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake ‘Love Never Felt So Good.’

There was a little bit of scepticism in the run up to Michael Jackson’s posthumous album release. ‘Xscape’ promised unreleased music and duets that no one had ever heard before. We all wondered how it would be done and whether or not this was something we actually needed or just a money making scam. Luckily, it turned out to be the former.

‘Xscape’ is more for the true MJ fans than anyone else but it has been put together in a very clever way with the lead single ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ being a duet with Justin Timberlake. The track itself is exactly what you would expect from these two – catchy and fun with the ability to get you up and dancing within the first few bars.

As for the video, which has recently been released, Justin pays tribute to the King of Pop as some of his most iconic moments are played on screen while JT and a whole host of dancers show exactly what they learned from Jackson. From the moonwalk, to that lean and those light up squares in ‘Billie Jean’ everything associated with Michael’s huge career is represented and remembered in such a celebratory way that it’s clear his music will live on for generations to come.

Have a look at the video for ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ and let us know what you think of Michael’s return in the comments below.

Michelle Ryan



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