Rihanna: Please Bring Back The Music

Rihanna looks absolutely flawless in 1920's head gear

Rihanna looked absolutely flawless in 1920’s head gear

Earlier this week Rihanna wowed the CFDA awards red carpet as she arrived to collect her Fashion Icon Award in a shimmering sheer dress that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. With just a skin coloured pair of underwear underneath the 26 year old was practically naked. However, this is no surprise as the whole world has probably seen RiRi in all her glory by now. After all, as the saying goes “If you’ve got it, flaunt it” and there is no doubt that the girl has got it. Rihanna is stunning and I applaud her for being so confident but we’ve seen enough now. After her see-through appearance at the CFDA awards I got to thinking –

where are her clothes and most importantly where is the music?

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There was a time when we would get a Rihanna album once a year. She released hit after hit ensuring that everyone knew who she was as she rose to Beyoncé like status. As she grew up, so did her music and her fans along with her. It all started with ‘A Girl Like Me’ when Rihanna was fresh on the scene with a squeaky clean pop girl image. Skip forward a couple of albums and she took a dark turn with ‘Rated R’ before bringing us back to the club on ‘Loud’ and settling in her comfort zone of hip-hop and R&B with ‘Talk That Talk.’

But what’s happening now? Why has this talented and influential artist compromised her credibility by constantly leaving the house with next to nothing on? Songs like ‘S.O.S,’ ‘Unfaithful’ and ‘Umbrella’ are being left behind as people see Rihanna as a celebrity rather than the singer she is. Her last album, ‘Unapologetic’ was her sixth in seven years and it turned out to be her most grown up yet as she addressed her relationship with Chris Brown in ‘Love Without Tragedy,’ showed her vulnerable side with ‘Loveee’ and proved her Roc Nation credibility on ‘Pour It Up.’

With such a run of massively successful hits, there was bound to be a dry spell but it’s time now for our favourite Bajan babe to cover up and get back in the studio. If her Twitter account is anything to go by she may have already taken my advice. It seems that Riri has been tweeting song lyrics with the hashtag #barz suggesting that some new music maybe on the way soon. The lyrics seem to be about falling for the wrong guy as she tweeted “Your silver tongue is full of lies, with tricks and thrills and Bambi eyes. And I hate that all I hate just don’t compare, because I love you.”

With Justin Timberlake and Beyonce firmly back on the scene here’s hoping that Rihanna will follow suit and take over 2014 with a groundbreaking comeback. It’s time people starting about her music again.

Michelle Ryan




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