Song of Summer 2014: The June Contenders

Jason-DeruloEver since X-Factor took over the Christmas number one all eyes have turned to the sunny season. These days you’re up to nothing, unless you record the song of the summer. It’s become a coveted title especially since it catapulted Robin Thicke’s career to heights that he had never seen and probably will never see again. (At least people know who he is now though!) ‘Blurred lines’ is the quintessential summer song – up tempo beat, catchy chorus and a release date for the exact moment that the sun comes out. With that in mind, we’ve decided to cast our ears to the radio and pick out our contenders for the 2014 Song of Summer. Here are the June contenders:

Cheryl Cole feat Tinie Tempah ‘Crazy Stupid Love’
With a banging saxophone, a clapping beat and a mindless chorus Cheryl has come back to the music scene with a sweep of her luscious locks and a helping hand from Tinie Tempah. ‘CSL’ is a grower with the potential to take over as Cheryl returns to her X Factor judging role and people fall in love with her all over again.


Ed Sheeran ‘Sing’
After some sombre, heartbreaking songs, it’s refreshing to hear Ed go up tempo and get us all up dancing. With production from last year’s man of the summer, Pharrell Williams, ‘Sing’ is the type of song every summer festival needs.


Nicole Scherzinger ‘Your Love’
After leaving The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole hasn’t really had the most successful of solo careers but we’re predicting that’s all going to change. ‘Your Love’ is one of her catchiest releases to date. A tropical, tribal beat sets the tone for this summer smash and Nic’s husky, toned down vocal just sets it all off perfectly.



Jason Derulo ‘Wiggle’
The first time I heard this song I thought it was a little ridiculous. Then I listened again and understood – it’s just under 4 minutes of carefree, ass shaking fun. You can’t help but wiggle and twerk your way through this track which is already starting to fill every dancefloor in every club.



Ariana Grande feat Iggy Azalea ‘Problem’
Ariana Grande has the potential to become the princess of summer with her new Iggy Azalea assisted track. Everything about it from the cutesy 60s inspired video down to the repetitive chorus is perfect for a sunshine party.



 Michelle Ryan



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