Does Robin Thickes Latest Track ‘Get Her Back’ Reveal Reasons For The Split?

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton: Get Her Back

Robin Thicke and the beautiful Paula Patton in happier times

Ok, where do we begin? Umm… so if you aren’t already aware, allow me to indulge you, Robin Thicke and his High School sweetheart, Paula Patton, have separated but Thicke is determined to get Paula back, and released an album yesterday entitled, wait for it… thats right… PAULA.

The first release ‘Get Her Back’ is accompanied by a video, which sees a Paula Patton lookalike and Robin Thicke text messaging and unveiling what could very well be the reason for the relationship breakdown:

“We had everything”

“You drink too much.”

“You ruined everything.”

“How could you do that to me?”

“Can I come see you?”

“I wrote a whole album about you,”

“I don’t care” …………. (Damn!)

The single is very raw and vulnerable and well timed. Thicke has taken advantage of the age of transparency and satisfies the publics voyeuristic cravings.

The critics on the other hand have labelled the album “stalker-ish” (The Guardian) and “awkward”(Rolling Stones).

I have to say, the reviews for this album are mixed, and whilst I have only heard ‘Get Her Back’ you get this sense that Robin Thicke is a truly genuine singer and songwriter who is not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

Despite all the hype surrounding the relationship breakdown, it is a decent track. The soft melody is a simple acoustic with soft whirrs rising over a beat, which should really be defined more as a strumming guitar.

The album is filled with song titles relating to his and Patton’s relationship: “You’re My Fantasy,” “Still Madly Crazy,” “Love Can Grow Back” and “Forever Love.”

Thicke’s seventh studio album, Paula, is due out July 1.

I think his very sweet chap but then, I’m just the mushy die-hard romantic type. Tell us what do you think of Thicke’s public display of affection?




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