Jennifer Lopez A.K.A

jennifer-lopez-a-k-a-cover-akaJennifer Lopez is always keen for us to remember that no matter what, she’s still ‘Jenny From The Block’ and her latest album ‘A.K.A’ is a full 14 track ode to just that. Following on from a barrage of dance heavy, Pitbull ruined tracks Jennifer is finally going back to her hip-hop infused, pop roots.

J-Lo never claimed to be anything other than herself and that’s what attracts me to her music. Sure, it’s nothing groundbreaking or soul touching but it’s fun and unapologetic in its attempt to be current. ‘A.K.A’ is a return to the real Jennifer Lopez and although not every track hits the spot it’s a damn sight better than some of her previous releases.

Title track ‘A.K.A’ kicks everything off in a pretty aggressive way that proves Ms. Lopez means business. T.I features on said track and is first on the list of impressive collaborations. In one genius move, Jen enlists femcee of the moment Iggy Azalea for the tough ‘Acting Like That.’ Unfortunately, Pitbull shows up on ‘Booty’ (I’m guessing he came up with that title) but J-Lo makes up for that by getting the biggest names in the business to add some serious credibility. Rick Ross shows up for ‘Worry No More,’ French Montana arrives to help out with ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ and the glorious ‘Same Girl’ while none other than Nas shows up for the gem that is ‘Trobeaux.’ That Nas track is the surprise of ‘A.K.A’ as Jen strips it all back for an alternative R&B hit that you could just imagine Jhene Aiko singing.

As well as those hip-hop inspired songs, Jennifer brings the pop side of her back on ‘First Love’ which is the latest track to be released from this album. It’s everything a summer pop song should be – fun, cute and carefree. Although ‘First Love,’ ‘Same Girl’ and ‘Trobeaux’ are some of the best songs that Jennifer Lopez has ever made this album does also hold her worst song ever. I’m afraid that ‘TENS’ is just completely awful. It really is. There’s a Lady Gaga style speech naming out fashion brands and a dance beat where we’re all told to “Clap bitches, clap!” It really is bad. Basically, steer clear of ‘TENS.’

Overall, ‘A.K.A’ is a solid effort from Jennifer Lopez. She doesn’t need to prove to us who she is anymore. We all know she’s a babe from the Bronx with one of the most successful careers any actor/singer could ever dream of.

Have a listen to Jennifer’s latest release ‘First Love’ below and let us know if you’re still a J-Lover!




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