New Summer Release from Elijah Blake

Elijah-Blake-That-Grape-Juice-2014-9Up and comer Elijah Blake rises to the top through good old fashioned word-of-mouth confirming the new age of online stars who rise to fame from user generated  imploads of his material.

Elijah Blakes second EP will be released this summer. He confirmed:

The EP’s coming this summer. I’m calling it ‘Drift’. I just felt like I had done so much musically I was drifting and the music reflects that, it takes you through what I’m going through. As an artist I’ve grown so much, so I think that’s the most exciting part.

The singer will reveal his new EP almost two years after his Debut album.

Named ‘Bijoux 22‘, the free December 2012 release spawned the Common-assisted ‘XOX’ and reached the 15 million streams spun point this week.

This, thanks to plays scored by its official ‘DatPiff’ and ‘YouTube’ players and audio ripped and re-uploaded by fans online, accounting for over half of the spins the project has garnered since it dropped.



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