Is the latest single ‘New Flame’ from Chris Brown any good?

27510592-0968-bd19-d2d7-3e4e9060e593_TWD_407_GP_0722_0479-2174Hate him or love him Chris Brown is out of jail and releasing some brand new music. ‘New Flame’ is the name of his latest single which features Usher and Rick Ross. The song is pure R&B with a typical verse from Rozay that just sets the whole thing off.

I know many people out there don’t like Chris but I don’t think it’s fair to write off his music just because he’s not the best person. Sometimes it’s necessary to separate the personality from the artist and in Brown’s case that’s what redeems him. His music is nothing but slick and smooth. The guy knows R&B and has bucket loads of talent. Say what you want about him but Chris Brown’s going nowhere…..except maybe to jail again. His music though, that’s going to stand the test of time so hopefully he gets his act together and reminds the whole world of why he once was the biggest thing out there.

‘New Flame’ should feature on Brown’s upcoming album ‘X,’ but no one really knows what the story is with it yet. The release date keeps getting pushed back and back so here’s hoping we get it by the end of the year.

Until then you can listen to ‘New Flame’ below and bask in the glory of Chris Brown and Usher finally on the one song!


Michelle Ryan


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