Throwback Thursday!

throwback-thursdayThis week we’re taking you back in time when songs were full of heartbreak, movies became instant classics and one of the world’s most famous girl bands were making their debut. Get ready, it’s Throwback Thursday time!

We were listening to:

Ten years ago – Usher released ‘Burn’ from his hugely successful ‘Confessions’ album. The heartbreaking track became one of the R&B stars most critically acclaimed hits providing him with the number one spot in countless countries and becoming a classic break up track.



Twenty years ago – Take That were also breaking hearts with the release of ‘Love Ain’t Here Anymore.’ Apparently love went away “…to a town called yesterday.” Judging from the white suits and that long dress thing Mark Owen was wearing in the video I’m not surprised that love moved to a different town!



We were watching:

Movie_poster_Anchorman_The_Legend_of_Ron_BurgundyTen years ago – Will Ferrell starred in the cult comedy classic ‘Anchorman.’ The film was an instant success thanks to the stellar cast that also included fellow funny men Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell and unleashed a whole new set of quotes for us to learn. “LOUD NOISES!”


Twenty years ago – Tom Hanks stole our hearts and was handed an Academy Award for his performance in Forrest Gump. The film captured forrest-gumpeveryone’s attention and has since made it on to every Must See Film list.



We were talking about:

Prepare yourself for this one! It was eighteen years ago that a young group of girls by the names of Emma, Geri, Mel B, Mel C and Victoria jumped on to our TV screens singing about how “Friendship never ends.” Yes, eighteen years ago The Spice Girls released their debut single ‘Wannabe.’ They quickly became one of the world’s most famous girl groups as they promoted girl power and released some of the most catchiest pop songs of the 90s. Now excuse me while I fish out my Spice Girls jumper and pretend I’m six again!

Michelle Ryan


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