Is Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’ Album Really That Bad?

1403272972_robin-thicke-lgLast year Robin Thicke was the name on everyone’s lips thanks to the hugely successful ‘Blurred Lines.’ That track reached number one in way too many countries across the world, provided one of the catchiest summer songs we’ve ever heard and caused a great deal of controversy thanks to its questionable lyrics and even more questionable video. Whatever anyone thought of the song, or Thicke, it didn’t matter because he was the man of the moment. All of a sudden the whole world was interested in him and even more so in his marriage to actress Paula Patton. The media had a field day thanks to that VMA performance with Miley Cyrus and shortly after allegations of cheating start to begin. Unfortunately, those allegations became more frequent and if reports are to be believed, were actually true. Paula and Robin soon separated and since then, the 37-year old has been trying to win his wife back in a pretty public way – by writing an album dedicated to her.

‘Paula’ is Robin’s 7th studio album and, like I said, is all in aid of restoring his relationship with his childhood sweetheart. While we don’t know what Paula herself thinks of it we do know that it’s not going down so well with the public. The album has sold a mere 530 copies in the UK while sales were a complete disaster in Australia with only 54 copies being sold. Seeing those figures, I decided to give ‘Paula’ a listen to see if it really is that bad. Unfortunately for Robin, it actually is that bad. Knowing that the whole LP is an effort to bring Paula back you can’t help but put yourself in her shoes while listening to it. You have to wonder would she take him back for this? If it was me, I wouldn’t. Not with songs like ‘Lock The Door’ and ‘Love Can Grow Back.’ The whole album is just strange. It doesn’t feel like a Robin Thicke compilation. Listening to ‘Black Tar Cloud,’ ‘Something Bad’ and ‘Too Little Too Late’ I was instantly reminded of the film ‘Dreamgirls’ and the music of that era. One man singing the blues while three female backing singers shoop and doo-wop in the background. It’s a far cry from the slick, sexy music Thicke has always been renowned for.

The only song on ‘Paula’ that’s any way good and could possibly change Patton’s mind is ‘Get Her Back.’ Out of the whole album it’s the one song that sounds real, vulnerable and true. Thicke uses his signature slinky beat and smooth vocals to create a track that on its own would more than likely do the job – along with an apology and lots of grovelling of course! For that one moment of glory however there is the song ‘Tippy Toes.’ It’s completely awful and that’s all I can say about it because I couldn’t even make it through the whole three minutes without having to change the track.

What Robin has done with this album is go out on a limb. He’s subjected himself to huge scrutiny and ridicule doing something like this so you can’t be too harsh on the guy. It’s kind of sweet that he’s so publicly trying to win her back but you have to wonder if Paula will be too happy with the intimate details of her relationship with Thicke being released for the whole world to hear – although judging from the sales figures not many people will actually hear them. Only time will tell if Robin Thicke succeeds in getting the love of his life back. Good luck to him! And good luck to his career – it’s going to take more than a catchy Pharrell track to recover from those sales.


Michelle Ryan


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