Its Throwback Thursday…

ThrowbackThursdayWe were listening to:

Ten years ago – The Streets were helping us get over heartbreak with ‘Dry Your Eyes’ reminding us that “There’s plenty more fish in the sea.” It was the groups most successful single as it landed on the top spot to give lead man Mike Skinner his very first number one.


Dry Your Eyes Mate!

Twenty years ago – Elton John jumped on ‘The Lion King’ soundtrack with ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight.’ The track is still a classic to this day as audiences all over the world fell more in love with the Disney animation thanks to Elton’s heartfelt ballad. 












We were watching:

Ten years ago – Denzel Washington and Meryl Streep starred in ‘The Manchurian Candidate.’ This political thriller is based on a novel and a remake of the 1962 original. With such impressive actors taking lead roles it’s no surprise that ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ earned many prestigious film nominations.


Twenty years ago – Jim Carey put on a yellow suit, a green mask, grabbed Cameron Diaz and made cult classic comedy ‘The Mask.’ It may be a bit of an odd one but it was more fun than anything. Jim Carey was perfect for the lead of Stanley Ipkiss as his weird and wonderful facial expressions really brought the story to life. It’s still a must see movie to this day.

Somebody stop him!


We were talking about:
One of the best American sitcoms came to an end in 2004. After ten seasons, we all bid a tearful farewell to ‘Friends’ as Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe and Ross left us with a big hole in our television hearts. ‘Friends’ was, and still is, an institution in its own right. There hasn’t been a comedy series to rival it yet. Each ‘Friend’ had their own characteristics, their own funny stories and their own dating disasters that practically everyone could relate to. They left us with timeless quotes to be used in any situation and references that we’re still making even ten years on. At the time, Friends was one of the most watched shows on T.V providing us with some brilliant storylines like the time Ross said Rachel, or when they all went to Las Vegas. The final episode of Friends aired in 2004 and saw Rachel getting off the plane to be with Ross before the whole group said goodbye in an iconic T.V moment by leaving their keys on the table of Monica’s empty apartment – it’s still a tearjerker.

The final episode of Friends marked the end of an era

Michelle Ryan


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