Beyoncé feat Nicki Minaj ‘Flawless Remix’

Beyoncé_-_Flawless_Remix_feat._Nicki_MinajIt finally happened. Queen Bey and the Queen of Rap have released a track together and it’s just as good as you’d think. The pair have come together to remix Bey’s ‘***Flawless’ which already lived up to its name. But this remix is something else.

It starts with Mrs.Carter rapping and referencing that incident with the line “Of course sometimes shit go down when it’s a billion dollars on that elevator.” Beyoncé just does what she does best on this one. She’s fearless, fierce and most definitely flawless.

As for Nicki, the girl can do no wrong lately and this remix is no exception. She basically slays the whole thing after she bursts in just over halfway through the song in her own signature way calling out Michael Jackson’s doctor and those “Princess cuts on my Disney.”

This ‘Flawless’ remix is one genius move so make sure you check it out and get ready to start singing “I woke up like dis” over and over.

Michelle Ryan


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