Latest mistress releases an open letter to Mr & Mrs Carter!

Liv: Jay Z likes naturally flawless model chicks like me!

Q Liv: Jay Z likes naturally flawless model chicks like me!

Ever since the video of Solange attacking rapper Jay Z emerged, rumours have circulated about the legitimacy of the power couples app rant ‘happy’ marriage.  Upcoming artist, Liv, has added fuel to the fire by releasing a diss track/open letter where she states that Jay Z approached her for her number and wanted to make her his in-town chick, however Liv has claimed that she turned down his offer.

The potential affair happened back in 2008 so it remains to be said, why on earth has Liv decided to write a track with an accompanying video about it in 2014?


With rumours about the celebrity couples marriage being on the rocks, the video couldn’t have come at a worse time as there is a lot of speculation about a pending divorce.

“I could have messed with Jay, but got respect for Bey. We were on the same set of a commercial, see, I was sitting by myself, and he sat next to me. I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me.

“Excuse me Miss, do me a favour, put your number on this piece of paper. When Jay get settled and he’ll call you later. I know most chicks would have took the bait, but then those chicks be the ones I hate. I wonder to this day if I’d have gave it up would it be me on stage throwing it up,”

Desperate; attention-seeking; home wrecking; publicity stunt; embarrassing; talented; brave; respectable are just some of the words the public have used to describe this video, but tell us what your thoughts are…


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