Throwback Thursdays


We were listening to:

anastasia 0Ten years ago – Anastasia was a name that everyone knew thanks to her big vocals and catchy pop songs. In August of 2004, she released ‘Sick and Tired.’ While the track never actually made it to number one it still became a pop favourite.

Twenty years ago – Wet Wet Wet were still number one with ‘Love Is All Around’ but Big Mountain were trying their best to cut in with their reggae track ‘Baby I Love Your Way.’ It’s a sweet, summery song that took us into Autumn with a sunny disposition.

We were watching:

Ten years ago – Tom Cruise was terrorising Jamie Foxx as he got into a taxi and made UnknownFoxx drive him around to commit his villainous errands. The thriller did well for both actors and ensured that cinema goers were kept on the edge of their seat throughout.

Twenty years ago – Harrison Ford was one of the biggest actions heroes of the time which makes it no surprise that he was cast as the lead in ‘Clear and Present Danger.’ The spy action movie showed Ford as a CIA agent working against those he worked with.

We were talking about:

scan0005-2-921x909US Funk singer Rick James dies age 56. The former Motown Records recording artist had collaborated with Smokey Robison, The Miracles, The. He  was best known for his signature track ‘Super Freak’ which featured guest vocals from The Temptation and was sampled in MC Hammer’s Grammy Award winning ‘Cant Touch This’ as well as being used in Jay Z’s LP, ‘Kingdom Come’, in 2006.

Almost overnight Norma Jean Baker became Marilyn Monroe and was the enthroned sexpot of the Western world. Unfortunately for Marilyn, she was a victim of her own fame and was announced dead this week 52 years ago. It was presumed that she took her own life. The actress remains an icon and was best known for her pretty face, voluptuous figure, sultry sex appeal and ditzy blonde persona onscreen. _04_17_2013_17_05_27_mm12-1024x


Michelle Ryan & Claire Daley




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