Madonna, Britney, Christina and “That Kiss”… It’s Throwback Thursday

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Ten years ago – A song called ‘Baby Cakes’ was at number one. 3 Of A Kind were the group behind the track and Unknown-1even though they didn’t quite “make it” they did enjoy a few weeks success with ‘Baby Cakes.’ It was every teenager’s favourite song; I even had the polyphonic ringtone of it!

Twenty years ago – Before they became the Ant and Dec we all know and love, PJ and Duncan released their one hit wonder ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.’ It’s too cute watching the video today and seeing these TV favourites trying their best to be taken seriously.


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Ten years ago – ‘Without A Paddle’ starred Dax Shepard, Seth Green and Matthew Lillard as old high school friends who reunite at the funeral of a friend. The boys go on an adventure full of comedic catastrophes that fared pretty well in the box office despite some negative reviews.

police-academy-4Twenty years ago – The ‘Police Academy’ franchise was still going with its 7th release ‘Mission To Moscow.’ Honestly, I didn’t realise they had made so many ‘Police Academy’ movies and judging from the reviews the film was given, they probably shouldn’t have.


We were talking about:

The MTV Video Music Awards never fail to create some kind of controversy and one of the most memorable VMA moments of all time happened 11 years ago when Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Madonna took to the stage together. At the time, Britney and Christina were the biggest names in pop music so to see the two on stage together was fantastic. They arrived out dressed as brides singing ‘Like A Virgin’ before Madonna came on the scene and got rid of any clean cut image that they may have had. The three girls shared a kiss to everyone’s shock and surprise and created a VMA moment that is still talked about to this day.


Michelle Ryanmadonna_tux


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