Why We Should Be Thanking Kim Kardashian West


Kim Kardashian West is one of those celebrities that people either love or hate. In fact I’d say most people just love to hate her. She gets a hard time because she’s “famous for being famous” and some people don’t agree with the lavish lifestyle she appears to lead with new husband Kanye West. While I do understand where those people are coming from I definitely think she deserves a bit more credit.  We live in a time where “celebrity” has turned into a vague, loose term. In my opinion, a celebrity is someone who should be celebrated for something. Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrated for his acting, Beyoncé is celebrated for her singing and David Beckham is celebrated for his soccer skills. They all deserve the celebrity title, but what is Kim Kardashian West celebrated for? That’s why I’m writing this piece, I believe that we shouldn’t just be celebrating her but we should be thanking her.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are known for their curves

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are known for their curves

Stick with me on this one. Back in the early 2000’s young girls had the likes of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears as their main pop idols to look up to. That then moved on as reality TV took over and people like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie were the ones being plastered all over our magazine covers. What did all four have in common at the height of their fame? The way they looked. Think about it, using those four as an example, all of them were blonde and super thin. That was the look to aspire to and there was no escaping it. There was a promotion of negative body image and many women my age would have been exposed to that at the time. For a young teen trying to figure out who you are, image is everything and if you weren’t like the blonde, thin lady on the front of the magazine then you were worthless. I felt it and I know for a fact I wasn’t the only one.




Now that has all changed. Take Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez as our pop idols and Kim and Khloe Kardashian as our reality stars. Look at them in the same way I looked at my previous example. All four have something in common. They’re real women. Finally having big boobs and wide hips are in style. And that’s what we need to thank Kim Kardashian West for. She was one of the front runners in this body image overhaul. She has never hidden her curves but has rather flaunted them for all the world to see and it’s had more of a positive effect on people than we realise. Just recently Demi Lovato praised Kim K.W for her influence and for changing her attitude on the way she looks at her body. Demi and I are similar in age so that’s why her comments got me thinking and realising that Kim is a great role model for young women in terms of being comfortable with how they look.

The GQ Men of the Year awards took place in London this week and Kim showed up in a black body suit with a sheer silver beaded skirt that basically stole the whole show. She looked beautiful as ever all thanks to that enviable hourglass figure of hers. It’s no wonder Kanye couldn’t take his eyes off her and it’s no wonder that she won the Woman of the Year award. Kim has led the way with the likes of Beyoncé and J-Lo to promote a positive body image among girls and from personal experience I can tell you that I’m much happier for it. Without Kim I’m sure it would have taken a lot longer for curves to come back in style. The tables have turned and that’s why I believe we should all be thanking Mrs. Kardashian West.


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