Dancefloor Anthems and Iconic Movies….It’s Throwback Thursday

We were listening to:Corona-The-Rhythm-Of-The-Night-Del-1995-Delantera

Twenty years ago – Corona kept us dancing with ‘Rhythm Of The Night.’ More recently covered by Bastille, the track still to this day never fails to fill a dancefloor and get people moving. It was the most successful crossover track for the Italian group who made it to singles charts all over the world.

Nelly_-_My_Place_Flap_Your_Wings_CD_coverTen years ago – Nelly was on top of the charts with his smooth, sweet ballad ‘My Place.’ The song brings us back to a time when Nelly was a real chart topper and a big name in the hip hop industry. Oh how we miss those days.

We were watching:

pulpfictionTwenty years ago – Quentin Tarantino directed one of his most iconic films to date. With a cast full of stars like Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta and Bruce Willis, ‘Pulp Fiction’ was always destined for success. It just helped that it had a pretty great storyline too! Now, anyone know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in Paris?

spiderman2Ten years ago – Tobey Maguire returned as Peter Parker for ‘Spiderman 2.’ Kirsten Dunst and James Franco also reprised their roles as Mary Jane and Harry Osborne respectively as Spiderman went up against Dr.Octopus. The film was received to huge critical acclaim which even led to a third movie.


We were talking about:

We can’t let September 11th go by without remembering this day thirteen years ago when America was struck by terror attacks. Two planes were flown into the World Trade Center in New York City while a third hit the Pentagon in Washington D.C and a fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. The whole world stood still as those horrific events unfolded resulting in the deaths of over 3,000 people. Thirteen years on, 9/11 is commemorated by the annual Tribute In Light which takes place in New York City to remember all of those who lost their lives during the attacks.

memorial of light

New York City’s ‘Tribute In Light’ for the lives lost during 9/11


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