Speeding Buses And Doctor Clooney Can Only Mean One Thing…..It’s Throwback Thursday Time!

We were listening to:

13_08_07_luther_ve_mariahTwenty years ago – Mariah Carey teamed up with Luther Vandross for ‘Endless Love.’ The pair sound so perfect together in this duet and that lends to the timelessness of it all. If your heart doesn’t melt or you don’t get goosebumps at some point during the song then you’re definitely not listening to it right. So stop what your doing, grab someone you love and start singing. Altogether now “My endless looooovvve”

Brian+McFadden+-+Real+To+Me+-+DOUBLE+CD+SINGLE+SET-299580Ten years ago – Fresh from his split from Westlife, Brian McFadden released his debut single ‘Real To Me.’Brian basically laid out what real life was for him. That included seeing his babies run, the madness having been and gone and raising his family. Surprisingly Brian did manage to get ‘Real To Me’ to the number one spot in the UK and Ireland.

We were watching:

speedTwenty years ago – Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves teamed up for a movie that takes place on a bus. ‘Speed’ had a simple concept – there’s a bomb on the bus and if the driver goes over or under a certain speed it will go off. It had us all on the edges of our seats and helped the whole world to fall in love with Sandra.

kb2Ten years ago – Uma Thurman donned her yellow leather jumpsuit once again in the Quentin Tarantino directed ‘Kill Bill 2.’ Thurman continued her quest for revenge against Bill and did it all in class and style. The ‘Kill Bill’ series have become iconic movies and introduced a whole new generation to Tarantino.

We were talking about:

We’ve had many hospital dramas and comedies on our T.V screens in the past decade but nothing can ever compare to the one that set it all off. Thirty years ago ‘E.R’ aired it’s very first episode and introduced us to a whole host of characters that we let into our homes every week. On air for almost fifteen years the Chicago based show kept its viewers talking with some memorable storylines (we’ll never forget when Dr.Greene died….still brings a tear to our eyes) and even more memorable actors. Perhaps the most memorable thing to come from E.R was George Clooney who starred as Dr. Doug Ross and melted hearts across the world along with Noah Wyle who will always be known for his portrayal of John Carter.




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