Emel Michael Is Quiet, Confident & ‘One To Watch’

Emel Michael - Not Afraid Of Heights

Emel Michael – Not Afraid Of Heights

If you are looking for something to listen to while drinking the last of your summer wine, this is it. Emel Michael’s voice is refreshing, soothing and she oozes confidence.

Like any determined musician, Emel is constantly frequenting gigs in Shoreditch and Camden. She has been working extremely hard promoting her music and with strong support from the underground circuit, says that she is “thrilled” to finally be releasing her Debut album. 

Emel Michael is a gentle songstress with an arresting presence. Passionate about her career, Emel demonstrates an uncanny ability to hold an audience’s attention and establish a connection with her listeners under any circumstances. Her successful on stage persona is reduced to her ability to maintain eye contact with the audience throughout her performance.

Last sunday Emel treated pleasantly surprised onlookers to a mini concert in Hyde Park (21st September).Emel Collage


Members of the public gathered around to listen and signed a blanket offering her words of support and encouragement.

Inspired by Country and Folk, Emel Michael blends contemporary pop, alternative indie with soul but describes her genre as Pop-Folk. Her music is light, fresh, pure and takes listeners on a cleansing journey. Emel Michael has been compared to artists such as Sade and Leona Lewis, a paradox that sums up her unique sound, beautifully.

Not Afraid of Heights retains a sense of wide-eyed wonderment and innocence and is a nod to her adoration of childhood tales. The lyrics were inspired by dreams and tracked on her phone in a sleepy state, before being recorded in the studio.

Over the past few months, the fresh-faced songstress has been releasing teasers from her upcoming album drip-feeding performances of her ‘Ont Sofa‘ acoustic sessions and the making of her single, ‘Like A Melody’, to her Social Media.

Not Afraid of Heights is essentially music for the soul, music that promises the coming of longer days, bluer sky’s and helps you to create the memories that will last a lifetime.

 Emel Michael can be found performing at Session #58 every Monday night.




She’s great, sounds like she’s got big potential

— The Guardian —


Emel Michael is unassuming with a great voice she is different and soulful

— Guestlist Magazine —


Shimmering guitar strings wrapped smoothly with Emel’s soulful and exquisite vocals make for a pleasant and colourful introduction

— Flux Magazine –


She sounds like one to watch

— The Independent —





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