J-Lo And Iggy Azalea Show Us Their Booties In Their Latest Video


Jennifer Lopez dropped the steamy new video for her latest release ‘Booty’ and it’s been receiving some serious backlash ever since.

Featuring Iggy Azalea, the track leaves nothing to be desired. It’s basically a repition of the word “Booty” for three minutes with an added verse from Iggy. Sadly, it took more than one person to write this but the main thing is that Pitbull is nowhere to be seen!

Then we have the video which has been getting some mixed reactions. Many people are slamming it for being degrading and completely unessecary while others are loving it. Just like the song, the video is all about the booty with Lopez and Azalea showing theirs off in the most provocative ways they can – water, oil and slow motion lip balm shots are involved.

It’s not like J-Lo to make a video as controversial as this but as someone pointed out to me, she needs to stay relevant. Surely she can do that with more clothes on but hey, she has the body so why not show it off right? Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it in the comment section. Classy or trashy? And why is taking your clothes off the only way for a woman to stay relevant these days?


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