Bow Down To Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj’s ‘***Flawless’ Video


You’re going to want to sit down for this one. An official clip from Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ concert special for HBO has been released. It’s not just any clip. Oh no! It’s possibly the best video you’ll see all week.

The five minute long video starts with Bey slaying her ‘***Flawless’ track to a very lucky crowd in Paris and then it all gets completely amped up with the Queen launching into the track’s remix.  The crowd goes wild just as she belts out “Of course sometimes shit goes down when it’s a billion dollars on that elevator.” But that’s nothing compared to when Mrs.Carter’s special guest appears on stage.

Introducing her as Onika, Bey stands aside to let Nicki Minaj tear everything up. While you can tell Minaj is a bit taken aback by the whole thing she gets her unfaltering confidence back on top the second the beat kicks in and it’s something fantastic to watch. You can tell it’s a big deal for Nicki to be on stage with Beyoncé by that big smile that spreads across her face.

Putting these two powerful women together was a genius move and the video below will prove just why they’re both Queens. Bow Down!


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