Tinashe Simmers And Sizzles On Her Debut Album ‘Aquarius’


Bursting on to the scene with her R&B hit ‘2 On,’ Tinashe immediately drew comparisons from those who went before her. Cassie, Ciara and Aaliyah were all brought in to categorize who this new girl was. Trying to listen to Tinashe’s music without those names in mind is difficult, in fact names like Janet Jackson and Jhene Aiko also crop up when listening to her debut album ‘Aquarius.’

Saying that, Tinashe is leading the way in terms of her sound right now. Of the names listed above Jhené is the only other artist releasing music at the moment but she hasn’t quite hit the mainstream like Tinashe. ‘2 On’ was an instant club banger with it’s repetitive chorus and DJ Mustard beat that never fails. It served to get the 21-year old’s name out there and create a well deserved hype around the release of her debut album. ‘Aquarius’ is a little less club inspired as a whole being more subtle than anything else.

Possibly the highlight of the whole album comes pretty early on with the second track ‘Bet’ which features an impressive guitar solo from Dev Hynes. It’s a bit of a slow burner but the chorus packs a punch and proves that Tinashe does actually have an impressive vocal range which can sometimes get lost. Tinashe creates a real atmosphere with a track like ‘Bet’ that can also be heard on the likes of ‘Thug Cry’ and the Future assisted ‘How Many Times.’

While there are moments that should really be taken out like the interludes or inconsequential tracks like ‘Bated Breath’ and ‘Far Side Of The Moon’ Tinashe has put together a serious debut album. With her last single ‘Pretend’ featuring A$AP Rocky not doing as well in the charts as ‘2 On’ there is the potential for her to go too far in Cassie’s direction and slip off our radar completely but I have every faith that with her simmering and sizzling vocals mixed in with those addictive, bass beats, Tinashe is going to stick around for a while and become another new R&B favourite.

Check out the video for ‘Pretend’ featuring A$AP Rocky below and let us know what you think of Tinashe’s debut release.


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