Ed Sheeran Shows Off His Moves In ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Video


We know Ed Sheeran for his singing, guitar playing and serious songwriting skills. We don’t really know him for his dance skills…until now that is.

All of Ed’s music videos are great from the Rupert Grint stalking of ‘Lego House’ to the party cat in ‘Drunk’ and the lookalike puppet in ‘Sing.’ Sheeran never fails to entertain but his latest video for ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has to be one of his best. Ed takes to the dancefloor for a romantic routine that would be perfect for any first dance at a wedding.

The whole video is beautiful, sexy, heartwarming and completely fantastic. It’s the perfect match for the fan favourite track that has a real soul feel and makes your heart smile every time you listen to it.

Sheeran wanted to shock fans with the video and he certainly did that! Who knew he could dance? And more importantly, who knew he looked so good in a suit?

Check out the video below and prepare to gain a whole new appreciation for Mr Sheeran.


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