Dancing, Drinking and Desperate Housewives…Must Be Throwback Thursday

We were listening to:

220px-SealKissFromARose2Twenty years ago – Seal released one of his best known singles ‘Kiss From A Rose.’ The heartfelt ballad was taken from the ‘Batman Forever’ soundtrack and topped charts in both Australia and the US gaining huge success for the British singer.

TipsyTen years ago – Errybody was is the club getting ‘Tipsy’ thanks to J Kwon. Although the rapper didn’t have too much success following his party track, ‘Tipsy’ is still a staple on most going out playlists and is apparently one of Kanye West’s favourite songs.

We were watching:

SpecialistTwenty years ago – Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone teamed up for ‘The Specialist.’ Despite some box office success, the 90s movie didn’t receive the best critical reception with Stone winning Worst Actress awards for her role.

downloadTen years ago – ‘Shall We Dance’ was released with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez in the starring roles. The rom-com paired Gere and Lopez together to show just how magical and fun dancing can be and how it’s never too late to find passion in life.

We were talking about:

A brand new show took over our television screens and our lives. We were introduced to the residents of Wysteria Lane as ‘Desperate Housewives’ promised to reveal that not all was as it seemed behind those white picket fences. For eight seasons we got to know Lynette, Susan, Bree and Gabrielle as their lives took some sinister and scandalous turns while new neighbours brought serious secrets and dangerous dramas. The show ended in 2012 after earning its place in TV history.



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